TV Sonntagsclub with Helmut Dubnitzky, Samanta Fox, 22Rockets, Aquarius Heaven & special guest Retrokinder

Saturday 11 June 2011 – TWENFM live 00:00 – 04:00 am Berlin Medium Time every FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHT

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Upcoming Saturday 11 June 2011 night Helmut Dubnitzky presents his first and brand new Album “We Walk” released on his label Brise Records! After this first release Berlin based designer Saskia Theis will ahow us her new circus collection of her label Retrokinder. You won’t see only a simple catwalk – TwenFM shows you the whole process of an fashion show case with  Make -Up done by Svetlana Schmid. But TwenFM never forgets about the music! Our residents and crazy buddies Samanta Fox will be there with his friends 22 Rockets & Aquarius Heaven and they will provide you with some good electronic music during the fashion show case and for the rest of the night…

00.00 pm – 01.30 am Helmut Dubnitzky (Brise Records) Album Special

01.30 am – ????  Samanta Fox, 22Rockets, Aquarius Heaven + special Guest Retrokinder

Samanta Fox

Samanta Fox is a collaboration between Frank Gizzie and Jean-daniel Tömör. Gizzie hails from the eastern portion of the US while Jean-daniel (aka Jonny) was born and raised in Germany. If there was a word to describe Samanta Fox it would be, “LOVE.” Love of music, love of woman, and most importantly love of life. They never find themselves constrained by genres or tempos and always aim to please the crowd with not only their track selection but also charming personalities. Currently, they are working on productions for various labels and spending their weekends DJing in Berlin, as well as other locations around Europe.


For almost eight years 22ROCKETS has been a vital part of the techno and house scene in Berlin / Germany, where he was born also. In a range of different capacities: among others, 22ROCKETS worked and works as a DJ, producer, promoter, club operator, eventmanager and entertainer on different projects with friends. 22ROCKETS loves a wide range on music. In the early days he played electro-disco sound and moved to deep trance-techno. Today he likes to play warm sunny house-music and much more the slomotion nu-disko.

Aquarius Heaven

Ex reggae dancehall and hip hop singer is almost new to the electronic world. It didn’t take long after moving to Paris in 2005 where he met the trio parisian, DOP. Spending hours in the studio sure had an effect on the musical change but we still can hear the colours of the caribbean in the vocals making it a very interesting ride listening to his music. It was the summer of 2010 working late recording the track Universe that the project aquarius heaven really was created
making it official with the release of ” before u go ” on the watergate 06 mix of DOP and now the release of his first EP “7days ” with Circus Company.. Born the 7th of february 1981 thus the name Aquarius (waterman) ,also having the same birthday with Clement (dop) this was one of the factors leading to the name Aquarius heaven.

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