Psychedelic Kittchen Session # 4


Liquid sky berlin
Psychedelic Kitchen
24.jan 2014
23:15 – 04:00 cet


Mijk van Dijk
Omsk Information
Datis Five-el
Elec Ice
Dr Walker / Asbest

file under: electronic dub / dark ambient / electro / technodub / experimental breaks / nuskool triphop

Work#5 with Shins-K and MVL


This Thursday, 24th of October / 00.15 pm – 2.00 am CET, Uta is presenting Work #5, which is an monthly event at Shift Berlin, at Twen FM. This time we gonna have Shins-k an MVL in our Studio.
Tune in and listen to carefully selected sound.



Shins-K (Moniker Eggplant)

Hailing from the city of Tokyo, Shins-K has a unique musical taste and you never know what to expect next from him.
He plays effortlessly between the borders of Bass Music, Hip Hop, Dub, Techno, Noise or even traditional african and arabian sounds, avoiding genre-fication and stylistic limitations.



MVL (Work)

Born and raised in Karl-Marx-Stadt, MVL is currently living in Berlin. He is not only working with a traditional 4/4 Techno and House palate, but is often likely to include experimental or unexpected sound into the journey. To him the atmosphere, feeling and also physical presence of the music are more important than just its basic functionality, although he has a fine sence for the floor. As a result MVL`s Sets are a deep and unique take on classic and contemporary electronic sound – and also a very personal one.

Resident Advisor



27.10.13 webCome along on Sunday to Work at Shift Berlin. Free admission and delicious east caribbean food from cris’ roadside cuisine.











Savour the San Francisco flavour with Something Something Something.


Thursday 17 October, 22.15 CET – 2 AM CET
Radio Stream:
FM: 88.4 MHz & 90.7 MHz Berlin / Potsdam

Wether they’re rocking private undergrounds in San Francisco or clubs in Berlin, the trio called Something Something Something brings the Bay Area vibe with no holds barred. Somehow, wedged between respective hectic schedules, prolific producers and dear friends Dave Aju (Circus Company), Alland Byallo (Real Tone) and Kenneth Scott (Vakant) team up to to throw down audio science in it’s finest, collaborative form as this back-to-back-to-back DJ session. Their crates run deep and their passion shines bright. Don’t sleep on this rare San Francisco treat!

some Teasing here..

Under Construction pres. Milton Bradley (Grounded Theory), Mareena (Parallel/Tresor), Mischa (Hardwax), MvL (Work/All In) with host Uta


Under Construction is a small new Berlin based platform for all sorts of music. The basic idea is to curate music and artists with understatement in a subtle way. More information soon.

Last Friday, 4th of October, we had a great night with Skratch and Mackjiggah from Work at Paloma Bar Berlin and this Thursday, 10th of October from 10.15 pm -2.00 am, we are proudly presenting four fantastic Berlin based artists on air: Milton Bradley from Grounded Theory, Mareena, who is having her own night at Tresor , Mischa from Hardwax and MvL, who has a residency at Work, which is a monthly event at Shift Berlin.

Thursday 10th of October, 10.15 pm CET – 2.00 AM CET
Radio Stream:
FM: 88.4 MHz & 90.7 MHz Berlin / Potsdam



mbMilton Bradley (Grounded Theory/K209)

Resident Advisor

Milton Bradley

Born and raised in Berlin, Milton Bradley has been influenced by this versatile and ever changing city. The late 80′s brought acid house into his world and along with early Belgian techno, kick started his love affair with all things electronic.
Milton’s dj sets vary from dark experimental techno to the deepest industrial sounds and the most iridescent textures, fully encompassing the last 20 years of musical history.

In 2008 Milton gave birth to the ‘ Do Not Resist The Beat’ label. It displays an honest, open account of Milton’s musical preferences; everything is there for a reason, no surplus or padding. Dark experimental drones with unnerving atmospheric sparseness, industrial sounds fused with the early minimalistic theologies to create one of techno’s most defined and original styles.
Not resting on his laurels, 2010 brought the experimental and dark sub label ‘The End of All Existence’. One listen requires no explanation for the nom de plume, atmospheric, earth shuddering, cinematic techno at its finest. Alongside Henning Baer he then created ‘K209′ as an outlet to release more raw and industrial techno cuts. More recently in 2012 and inspired by the mid 90’s acid sound, Milton set up the label ‘Alien Rain’.

A true enigmatic insurgent, Milton’s heavy and atmospheric productions aid in the construction of complex promenades and have been hosted on not just his own imprints, but with other well respected labels. Bradley made his first release on Perc Trax in 2010. His mixes of ‘BCG’ EP were prime examples of what has become an enigmatic sound – deep, dubby rhythms coupled with chugging techno, reminiscent of an old school Detroit aesthetic.
Critically acclaimed releases on Prologue, Zooloft, and Ann Aimee, as well as the tracks on his own labels, have pushed Milton to the forefront of the techno underground and made him one of the most exciting up and coming producers in the genre. It’s this ability to stand out from the crowd that has seen his talent recognised and rewarded, prompting Grounded Theory to make Milton Bradley their resident dj.

Not a lot is known about Milton Bradley’s personal identity, but his work is far from secluded. He has gone from being a consumer to actually writing Berlin’s Techno history as a producer, remixer and international dj.

Mareena (Parallel/Tresor)

Resident Advisor



A Berlin citizen since 2004, originally hailing from Rostock, Germany, Mareena has a deep passion for electronic music. Sneaking into clubs at a young age to fuel her unquenchable desire to listen to the sounds of Techno, it soon inspired her to start honing her DJ skills. A true vinyl addict, Mareena represents the Berlin Underground scene whether organizing illegal parties in enchanting urban spaces or playing unmistakable House or Techno DJ sets in clubs.

Supporting some of the top wold renowned DJ’s at her residency in Tresor, Mareena also has her own night, New Faces, highlighting the very best new talent from the underground scene.

Whether peak time, warm up or after hour, her sound reveals an intelligent eclecticism and bold elements of surprise that show her rich knowledge of electronic music culture. Regardless of what you hear from Mareena, her DJ sets leave a deep yet uplifting impact on the mind body and soul.

mischa 3

Mischa (Hardwax)

Resident Advisor


Mischa is a product of shifting technologized urban lanscapes. Musically educated by computerized man mashines, aquatic bata particles, infinite technoid consistency, dirty acidic basslines and the ever changing rhythmic (re)formations of the hardcore continuum, he tirelessly searches for uncompromising dance music.
On his journey, Mischa has developed a very distinct hybrid between Techno, House, Grime/Dubstep  and Drum and Bass. This Djs main purpose is to weave beautiful music to touch the souls of listeners and to make dancers dance more.

Born in Berlin, he inevitably found Hard Wax as a main educator in taste  and is working there since 2010.


mvlMVL (Work/All In)

Resident Advisor


MVL is a Dj and producer currently living in Berlin. He is not only working with a traditional 4/4 Techno and House palate, but is often likely to include experimental or unexpected sound into the journey. To him the atmosphere, feeling and also physical presence of the music are more important than just its basic functionality, although he has a fine sence for the floor. As a result MVL`s sets are a deep and unique take on classic and contemporary electronic sound – and also a very personal one.


Upcoming shows: Work #5 radio show on Twen FM: 24th of October 2013

TwenFM Clubnacht: Inappropriate Touch (Your Mom’s, Berlin/NYC) with Host Jess Erickson


Thursday 3 October, 23.59 CET – 2 AM CET
Radio Stream:
FM: 88.4 MHz & 90.7 MHz Berlin / Potsdam

Inappropriate Touch (Your Mom’s, Berlin/NYC):

“Inappropriate Touch is disco, it’s house, it’s also illegal and it’s mostly 115 bpm dance edits in the summertime, and house in the basements coming from the after-parties of New York City to the dance floors of Berlin! Inappropriate Touch has played at Tausend Bar, Badeschiff, Prince Charles, Mein Haus am See, Flamingo/P.O.P., King Size, Bohnen Gold… and at the latest Bread & Butter.”

inap 2

Host: Jess Erickson

“Inspired by the late, BBC DJ John Peel, she formats monthly Clubnacht nights with live interviews, in studio performances and specialty shows playing global and underground electronic music.”


Mobilee Rooftop Session mit Re.You, AND.ID , Ralf Kollman und Secret Guest




Mobilee Rooftop Session Vienna Premiere

Das Label Mobilee Records lädt seit acht Jahren, während des Sonar Festivals, jährlich zu einem Get2Gether auf die Dachterrasse des Hotels Silken Diagonal in Barcelona zur „Rooftop“ Party ein. Jetzt sind Mobilee Records sprichwörtlich ganz oben angekommen: Jedes Jahr im Sommer finden Mobilee Rooftop Sessions neben Barca, auch auf den Dächern von Berlin, Zürich und Moskau statt.

DADA. Entertainment fügt eine weitere Destination hinzu: VIENNA/Austria. Sinn und Zweck dieser Veranstaltung ist es gemeinsam mit Freunden und ausgewählten Gästen in einem privaten, exklusivem und kleinem Rahmen zu feiern! DADA Entertainment lädt zur Premiere der MOBILEE ROOFTOP SESSION VIENNA Re.You, And.Id – live –,  der sein Debut Album „Eternal Return“ vorstellt, und Mobilee’s Gründer Ralf Kollman, ein. Zusätzlich lassen wir einen Special Guest einfliegen – eine ganz spezielle Überraschung für Euch!
Im Anschluss ab Miternacht geht es dann von der SkyStage Mobilee Rooftop Session zur Underground Mobilee Club Session

LOCATION: Vienna Tech Gate / SkyStage
TICKETINFO: Combi Tickets – Rooftop Session (inkl. Clubsession):
25,– Euro erhältlich bei Resident Advisor / / Jugendinfo
Einlass: 13:00 – 15:00
Ende: 23:30

(Anmerkung) Das Event ist leider völlig ausverkauft, aber ihr habt über TWENFM die Gelegenheit per Videostream daran teilzunehmen.

Am 21. September, 13.00-23.30  Uhr könnt ihr euch hier im Videostream einklinken (also unbedingt bookmarken)





Ralf Kollmann


On/schedule Welcomes Turmspringer & Gunnar Guess. Hosted By : Diana Rada


Thursday 19th September 22:15pm-2:00am




Playtime 22:15-23.30

At the first blush it becomes obvious, Robert Galic (alias Edgar Peng aka RAS) and Tim Brüggemann (alias Didier de la Boutique) are deeply rooted in Funk & Soul, Jazz and Afro Beat, in general the whole topic of Black Music played an important role in their musical imprint.

Their musical taste, background and not at least their individual vinyl collection made them stick together as a DJ and producer team.

In 2001, they met first time behind the turntables. Robert just had left London to settle down in Berlin, attracted by Jazzanova, to release his world wide appreciated album “Rhythmic Altered State” on Sonar Kollektiv.
To this point of time, Tim was already involved into the colorful Rare Funk scene of Berlin.

Beside this facts, both have been inspired by Berlin’s great output of electronic music. For a musical medium in Berlin, this sound and movement could not have been ignored. Once in the studio, having put together their understanding of rhythm and dance and contemporary electronic music, their own sound of a fresh and funky Tech-House was born and got the name “Turmspringer”.

Now, since 2004 the producer and DJ team is strongly associated with the underground of Berlin’s Techno and House scene.

By the last years they passed through an authentic development and captured this unique night scene peace by peace. Their impulsive and colored sound and their invective positive energy behind the decks and instruments, made them swap quickly from an insider tip to one of Berlin’s most wanted DJs and electronic live acts.

This high profile made them get in touch with many other creative and productive people, what lead to the founding of an own label.

In 2005 Robert started “Tonkind”, where acts like Skinnerbox, Notic Nastic and of course Turmspringer themselves had their first release debut. Meanwhile the label hold a colorful release catalog with other well known acts like Kotelett & Zadak, Nico Stojan, Alexkid or Philip Bader and many others.

The regular circulating label nights and off parties provides not only Tonkind acts to show up but also keep the network with other labels in flow. Collaborations with Bar 25, Katerholzig or Berlin’s underground queen Bachstelzen are agenda for them.

Although Turmspringer have been playing in several big clubs in Europe, they never missed to come back to their mother’s kitchen to please Berlin’s spoiled and electrifying audience.
Here they still attend their one-of a-kind industrial backyard parties and Berlin’s most wanted after-hours.

Last but not least their releases on Get Physical, Eminor, Doxa, Klasse Recordings and of course Tonkind shows their ability and flexibility as producers.


Resident Advisor

2011-04-14_gun_119 (1)sw3

Gunnar Guess

Playtime 23.30-02.00

In many cities of Germany he has already left his mark and in 2011 he finally arrived in Berlin.
The closeness of home and his many friends based in berlin are the reasons for this decision.
Full of motivation, creative drive and clear ambitions he has accepted the challenge of Berlin.

During his stay in Karlsruhe over the last 4 years, he was able to meet many talented artists in the electronic music scene.
Working toghether on projects like open airs, partys at the “CULTeum” or the legendary afterhour partys, he began to become a part and established his presence in this world.
The collaboration with this music scene in Karlsruhe opened the doors to Ibiza in 2011.
Working under the flag of the “CAPADI REBELS”, he played in the radioshow “IBIZA GLOBAL RADIO”, the Delano Beach Club and several private villa parties.

Founded in 2011, his label “listenanddance” gave him and his friends a plattform to present themselves.
It gave them the opportunity to develop a network of artists seeking the same goal: simply good music!.

Those who know and have heard Gunnars sound, know that the night could become endless, when he starts dropping his tech house records out to the floor.

He is currently studying sound engineering at the “Deutsche-Pop” Akademy in Berlin and believes this influence will be important to guaranty the highest quality of Club sounds, as we all know good music starts with a good DJ!.


Resident Advisor

Work#3 @Twen FM Radio with MACKJIGGAH ( Wax Treatment, Shlomp), SKRATCH (Project Squared, Aquatic Lab ), MVL ( ALL In), BARDEYA (Aquatic Lab / Templar Sound)


This Thursday, 8th of August / 10.15 pm – 2.00 am CET, Uta is presenting, for the third time, a warm up radio show to promote a Sunday event which is called Work at Shift Club Berlin.
Tune in and listen to carefully selected sound.

Mackjiggah (Wax Treatment / Shlomp)

“…Has been a local Dubstep pioneer ever since the sound hit Berlin back in 2005. DJing experimental HipHop, Mackjiggah was hugely inspired by the Grimetime party series. As he went to Hardwax to get some Grime on vinyl, he was handed only one 12″ with the comment that he might also check for those grime-like, instrumental records they`re selling. There was no name for it, no formular, no hype, just that great excitement for something new, weird sounding…whatever you call it.
A short while later he joined forces with DJ Maxximus, Orson and Something J to do one of the first Dubstep parties in Berlin. That was the beginning of the BassTheWorld party series, which he`s still organizing with DJ Maxximus.
When it comes to Dubstep DJs in Berlin, hardly anyone played as many shows as Mackjiggah…and that speaks for the high qualitiy of his sets. What you`ll hear is a forceful and exciting selection. Being experimental without loosing touch to the original vibe of the sound, playing classic Dubstep without drifting into formulars. So far, his impact on dancefloors didn`t prove him wrong about that.” mgn
Resident Advisor

MVL ( All In )

MVL is a Dj and producer currently living in Berlin. He is not only working with a traditional 4/4 Techno and House palate, but is often likely to include experimental or unexpected sound into the journey. To him the atmosphere, feeling and physical presence of the music are more important than just its basic functionality, although he has a fine sence for the floor. As a result MVL`s Sets are a deep and unique take on classic and contemporary electronic sound – and also a very personal one.
Resident Advisor

Bardeya ( Templar Sound / Aquatic Lab )

Originally conceived in London as a side project, but now based in Berlin, Bardeya is a German-born producer and DJ, slowly but surely making waves through his resurgent alter ego.Primarily concerned with the intricate offshoots of dubstep, Hardwax techno, and Autonomic drum n’ bass, Bardeya is able to convert these influences into a format that is both accessible and futurist, all in the pursuit of new territory. Readily bass-heavy and percussively intense, Bardeya’s productions embrace the ongoing potential of the wider electronic spectrum, both experimentally and on the dancefloor.

Skratch ( Project Squared / Aquatic Lab )

A DJ true to the craft, Skratch has been perfecting his deck work along with his vast record collection for over 13 years, taking crowds to a deeper spot with his tight mixing and educated selection, tightly combining hidden gems with the best new music around.
Mixing purely with vinyl and dubplates, his dedicated and perfectionist approach developed from his early love of hip-hop and turntablism, with his ever evolving knowledge taking him through Jungle, Electronica and since 2005, deep into Dubstep and Bass.
This obvious passion for the cause has seen him showcasing his skills at some of the most prestigious nights on the world stage, including Sub:Stance at the legendary Berghain, the infamous Wax Treatments parties and also his residency for long standing Dubstep institution, Version.
Resident Advisor

Join Work#3 @Shift this Sunday, 11th of August, Köpenicker Str. 70, 10179 Berlin
w o r k 2_web

Start: 7 pm
Admission: free
Food: East Caribbean Food from Cris’ Roadside Cuisine

Shiznit Show # 18 live 18.07 22.15-00h feat yzaya


Tha Shiznit Show boys are back for another dose of hip-hop and groovy sounds mixed in by DJ Jim Panse with MC Abba Lang delivering razor sharp freestyles. As usual a guest artist will be passing by to showcase and perform their songs. This time round we have Yza Ya, the electro rock-step band coming through to show us how they came about creating “New Vibes”, there own unique blend of sound. Fresh from performing at the Fusion, Mundial & WeedBeat Festivals Yza Ya is one electrifying act to watch for the future.

Their FB: &

And of course

yza ya2

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